I am registered on the Royal Horticultural Society speakers list and the WI speakers list.  I generally do talks at horticultural societies and clubs. My areas of expertise are as follows:

Willow In The Landscape:

This talk includes a Power Point on Willow and it’s uses, followed by a demonstration of weaving a garden structure that I then donate to the raffle. I would also bring samples of different types of Willow and Dogwood and demonstrate how to propagate them.

FEE:  £80.00 plus mileage.



This is a practical talk and demonstration on all types of propagation depending on time of year.


Hanging Baskets and Containers:

This talk starts with a power point followed by a demonstration of a hanging basket that is then donated to the raffle. I can bring plants for sale if required by the club.

Fee: £85.00 plus mileage.


Christmas Decorations:

This talk is more of a demonstration of how to make a beautiful door wreath showing how easy it can be to create something that looks professional. This is then donated to the raffle.

Fee:  £75.00 plus mileage.



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