About me

For the last twenty years I have been running willow and basket weaving workshops all over the UK, and in Canada, for the National Trust, English Heritage, the Royal Horticultural Society, Nova Scotia Agricultural College,the Scout Jamboree, plus many charities and schools.   I have constructed willow structures in private gardens as well as building fences and gardens at the Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows and horse jumps for Burghley Horse Trials, .

I have worked in horticulture for 26 years and am a keen wildlife gardener, which leads me to believe that we should try to keep as many things around us as natural as possible, without creating an unnecessary impact on our environment. Willow is perfect for this as it brings a natural biological cycle into your garden.  Willow is a naturally grown, biodegradable material. As well as being beautiful to look at, it creates an essential over-wintering habitat for beneficial insects such as ladybirds, lacewings and beetles, as well as many other creatures.

Basket making with willow

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