School Workshops & Installations

I have installed many structures in schools – the schools usually want an area for the children to sit with shading. This has varied from a ‘living willow dome’ to an ‘outdoor classroom’ as seen on TV on a program called Garden Heights. Sometimes schools and children’s nurseries have a ‘living tunnel’ which is a lot of fun for the children to run through.

Willow is also a lovely material to explore and experiment with for sculpture. This is an ideal medium for 5th and 6th formers.

For big projects, it’s worth looking into funding which could be available, or local company sponsorship.

For obvious reasons I do not post pictures of school workshops.

This is a Living Willow Tunnel, so the willow will root and grow to create shade. This will need to be pruned back every year to maintain its shape.
The low woven fence will create a barrier for the flower bed.
This is a living willow tunnel so it will root and grow, the tunnel should be pruned each year to maintain the shape.