I am registered on the Royal Horticultural Society speakers list and the WI speakers list.  I generally do talks at horticultural societies and clubs. My areas of expertise are as follows:

Willow In The Landscape:

This talk includes a Power Point on Willow and it’s uses, followed by a demonstration of weaving a garden structure that I then donate to the raffle. I would also bring samples of different types of Willow and Dogwood and demonstrate how to propagate them.

FEE: Evenings £100.00  plus mileage @.45p per mile   

Daytime £150 plus mileage  @.45p per mile



Christmas Decorations:

This talk is more of a demonstration of how to make a beautiful door wreath showing how easy it can be to create something that looks professional. This is then donated to the raffle. This is followed by willow, cane and paper Christmas decorations being demonstrated.

Talk available from 30th October though to December 24th.

Fee:   Evenings £100.00  plus mileage @.45p per mile   

Daytime £150 plus mileage  @.45p per mile




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